The struggle is real

Dear future tattoo artist,

I’m looking for a portrait of my soul
Something to show on the outside what I am within
Just a snapshot
You know, a thumbnail
Because I have a feeling that I, too, am small
But rich
Like perhaps a truffle
A little is enough

Or am I more like a butterfly?
Dainty and delicate
With zen doodled wings of color to save myself from predators
But ultimately prey to a strong wind

Like a feather
A beautiful, magical, left-behind thing
(Or are they just lost…?)

Hmm, so how about a bell?
A big wound and a heart
That rattles around, falling into walls
Tumbling and tinkling
Sometimes just suspended there
Waiting to be struck

What about orchids?
I love orchids
Everyone loves orchids…
So then again, maybe not

What else, future tattoo artist?
Music notes or stars?
Pretty script and symbolism and twirly-do’s?

Maybe just vines…


I feel like I’m trying to tie a cherry stem with my tongue
A solitary challenge
How can you help me with this knot?

Truly interested (but…)

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