sometimes the silence guides your mind

I’ve been ruminating on this concept for a while, and now it’s beginning to take shape! Hurray! Although, this is always the scary part for me… I’m very comfortable drawing, but painting is another story. I enjoy the process (mostly), but there is an element of chaos to it too. Kind of like walking my dogs. I love my dogs and they’re super cute, but they pull on the leash, dart after rabbits, stop to sniff mailboxes, and just make pests of themselves in general. Drawing comes easily and I’m always in control, but then I long to incorporate color. Ideally I would choose something like colored pencils or pastels, which work well for me… But there’s something attractive about the layers and texture of paint to me. I can’t get it out of my head. Eventually I’ll allow myself to redo some of this stuff in another medium, but I already know how that will look. With paint it’s always a surprise…and I kind of like that. It’s like surrendering to the universe…

That’s a little what this painting is going to be about, actually. Getting covered in blobs of color and attempting to find some design in the muck. I lack the restraint and discipline to use actual techniques, after all. I sort of just assault a piece of canvas for a few hours until I’m tired and hangry. #livingthedream

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