Happy Accidents

I may decide against my crazy idea to stop this painting with just the background finished, I reserve that right. But as of right now…I don’t know. I think it says more unfinished just like this than if I colored it all in. 

In art school I did a black and white sketch of an ash tray, then remembered that the assignment was supposed to incorporate a single color somewhere. I drew a half assed scribble of a dark yellowy color around the outside of the ash tray and hoped for the best. My teacher ended up being very impressed, saying that the little bit of yellow gave a vivid indication of the stink of the cigarettes and the yellowing of skin and teeth and so on associated with smoking. Score, right?

Anyway, this painting reminds me of that “happy accident” (thanks, Bob Ross). The color being everywhere and messy and dripping…but the artist, canvas and paint tubes being black and white, as if unable to capture all that color and channel it cohesively. Story of my life.

And now we’re going to make up an enchilada recipe. If it’s any good, I’ll post it tonight!

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