What does the fox say?


At my last and possibly favorite sparkling water and peach vodka wine and paint night, we worked on pop art animals. The moment I saw our instructor’s gorgeous, whimsical, colorful lion in my Facebook feed, I KNEW I had to get in on this. Something about it resonated with me right away. It was the same sort of feeling I get when I hear a really good song and have to immediately Google the lyrics and listen to it a thousand times on repeat, living inside of every measure until the whole thing sounds like home. Painting this fox was like that. I already have an owl planned, and perhaps even some human faces. I find myself thinking about the colors I’ll use next and how satisfying it will feel to spread that black paint all over the background… I agonize over backgrounds, you see, so this “paint it black” concept is right up my alley.

Meanwhile, I’m developing a spoken word poem… This is something I’ve never in a million years considered doing, but a friend (aforementioned art instructor) mentioned that such an opportunity may present itself and that I should get in on it. Perhaps it will blend my love of theater, that I sorely miss, and creative writing. Or it will scare the shit out of me. That’s life, right?

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