Too lazy for titles and tagging

An old concept that never quite came together for me years ago revisited me today, and I’ve got this so far:

It’s not finished, and I’m not exactly sure what to do next. But this was good work. There’s a lot in it that’s meaningful to me (duh, wine!) and it was fun. I’ve been painting so many things lately with such specific, self-imposed guidelines that it was nice not to worry or stress during this. Hopefully that will continue as I work on it in the future…

New Stuff

Or as new as my chronic procrastination allows.

Anyway, I’m still working on this:

It’s tedious, but somehow satisfying. Especially knowing my many obstacles (scale of the logos, textured wall, limited light in the room, freaking PAINT instead of pencil, etc). It sort of has me going in with a “let’s make the best of this” attitude that is very easy to work with. As opposed to my usual “this painting must save the universe.”

I also had this hazy vision of a Harry Potter themed painting that came out of a 30+ hour marathon watching the movies that just about ended in ruin. It began as something much more straightforward, perhaps I have a picture…

Oh, okay. So I had these cute little canvases that ended up being worthless. I felt confined in the space. So I tried using both of them in one go. Only my painting skills are actually quite poor, so doing something this…well, basic only exposed my amateur ways. I hated it. These pictures are from before I realized I hated it. When I went to paint the hand I had an epiphany. Actually, that’s not the right word…it suggests the correct course became magically clear. But instead I did this:

Hopefully you can see how they go together. But it’s a pretty weird piece, right? I don’t like it. But I don’t hate it. And I maintain that when art creates this kind of response it’s sort of successful…?

Oh, and c’est la vie:

Sailor Venus! I kept trying to do Sailor Mercury, but true to character, Venus would not be ignored any longer. She was actually my initial favorite of all the senshi. I played her at recess, faced many a sandbox and swing related Negaverse battle with her powers of light and love… But then our Sailor Moon bailed and I got nominated leader. I wasn’t exactly disappointed, but looking back I’m more nostalgic for the days I looked to her for guidance instead of Sailor Moon herself. Hm. As for the painting, it’s little more than fangirl gratuity, but I’m okay with it.

Stained Glass and Film Strip

This has been a weekend of art, junk food, Pokemon, sleep, sex (gasp!) and vodka. So basically I’m living the dream over here. I have a few half baked writing ideas and a painting that I’m over complicating, but some other noteworthy things have indeed emerged.


On Friday I attended another painting class, this one was a stained glass horse theme. True to fashion, I couldn’t paint a horse knowing full well everyone else was. It’s not about breaking the rules, it’s about individuality. It’s not really an attractive or charming quality of mine (see also being 10 years old and throwing a tantrum at Baskin Robbins because my brother and sister wanted the same ice cream flavor as me and that wasn’t FAIR because they were COPYING me and I will NOT be COPIED, MOM!), but I followed the instinct nonetheless and had to paint a lady. For about 75% of this painting I was stuck between feeling I was never going to finish it or that I should just paint over it and start something else. But wine and good conversation with Mr. Mojo and the lady I want to be when I grow up guided me through this potential meltdown and out came one of my favorite pieces to date!

Also, it feels like I have been talking and plotting about this other project for a year, and it is finally coming together. Today I put my big girl pants on, marched over to my client’s home and started the last phase of this little theater room we have been scheming. I sketched my concept onto his wall in chalk and then slapped on an acrylic winding film strip, with painted sketchy lines. I LOVE sketchy lines! They sort of make everything better. Like that blur filter on Snapchat. It’s like, “Oh, did I fuck that up? Here’s a sketchy line or five and…voila! Masterpiece!” I swear every failure is just a few sketchy lines away from success. This is probably only something an artist can understand, or is it just me…?

Anyway, here are the photos I took of the process. More to come…

Haters Gonna Hate

I love Jigglypuff. If you don’t know, she’s a basically harmless Pokemon from the show/game/manga/cards/empire that is also called Pokemon. It means pocket monster, and not like that you perv. I’m not going to explain the whole fandom to you, just get into it and yesterday. But anyway, in the anime series, Jigglypuff loves to sing for audiences. Like its a big deal to her. Unfortunately for Jiggly, her singing puts anyone who hears it to sleep. Like a Sleeping Beauty-type slumber. And then Jiggly gets super pissed and runs around drawing things on everyone’s faces in retaliation. And then it all starts again.

I guess I admire Jigglypuff’s tenacity. She’s going to sing, damn it, and if you don’t like it…well. She’ll doodle on you (a harmless, fun sort of revenge, really) until she gets sick of that and wants to sing again. I think we can all really learn from Jigglypuff.

Plus she’s super cute and embodies everything that anime is: big eyes, bright colors, cutesy-corny music, and she looks like a cross between dessert and a bunny rabbit.

This was supposed to be more pop art, like my fox painting, but the colors ended up running fairly true to subject…although I was loose with the brush strokes, which really just WORKS for me. But I really wanted to be able to call this series “Popart Pokemon” because it has a serious ring to it…