Haters Gonna Hate

I love Jigglypuff. If you don’t know, she’s a basically harmless Pokemon from the show/game/manga/cards/empire that is also called Pokemon. It means pocket monster, and not like that you perv. I’m not going to explain the whole fandom to you, just get into it and yesterday. But anyway, in the anime series, Jigglypuff loves to sing for audiences. Like its a big deal to her. Unfortunately for Jiggly, her singing puts anyone who hears it to sleep. Like a Sleeping Beauty-type slumber. And then Jiggly gets super pissed and runs around drawing things on everyone’s faces in retaliation. And then it all starts again.

I guess I admire Jigglypuff’s tenacity. She’s going to sing, damn it, and if you don’t like it…well. She’ll doodle on you (a harmless, fun sort of revenge, really) until she gets sick of that and wants to sing again. I think we can all really learn from Jigglypuff.

Plus she’s super cute and embodies everything that anime is: big eyes, bright colors, cutesy-corny music, and she looks like a cross between dessert and a bunny rabbit.

This was supposed to be more pop art, like my fox painting, but the colors ended up running fairly true to subject…although I was loose with the brush strokes, which really just WORKS for me. But I really wanted to be able to call this series “Popart Pokemon” because it has a serious ring to it…

One thought on “Haters Gonna Hate

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