Build it in the Rain

Someone told me that if you pick one wall of a maze and follow it wherever it leads, you will eventually come to the exit. You could end up walking the entire thing, dead ends and all, but you’ll get there.

I guess I could Google it and find out if it’s true. But I’ve come this far, what would be the point in discouraging myself? I’m sure of so few things in my life… Let me have this one. Because if you mean to tell me that I’m lost…

watermelon muck

You know how you can get so miserable that you actually make yourself throw up to feel better? I’ve been trying to do that but with art…and apparently the science isn’t the same. When you stick your fingers down creativity’s throat, it’s not inspiration that comes up…just muck. And you don’t feel better about it.

Am I looking in a void or have I gone blind? Am I real or am I cycling?

I love watermelon. I had it for breakfast yesterday…but it made me sick. That’s never happened before. I’m sad about it for some reason…