Okay, so I do this weird thing. I get an idea of something I want to have for dinner — something really specific. Like…broccoli chicken casserole…but with yogurt cheese sauce. Because we have this fucking tub of yogurt in the fridge from a recipe that called for like a tablespoon of it. And then I hit Google hard until I find something that fits my exact needs — no carbs, quick and easy, can use cheap rotisserie chicken.

But not this time, because this time Google had absolutely nothing for me. But I was determined to do exactly this thing. Mostly because of the yogurt. We’re trying to use more of the insane amount of groceries we buy.

So I made something! On my own! Just winging it! I’m very proud.

I preheated the oven to 350, got out a skillet and a sauce pan. In the sauce pan I heated a cup of yogurt, and in the skillet a little bit of olive oil. Mushrooms went into the skillet, followed by half a chopped yellow onion. Meanwhile I mixed a cup of cheese into the yogurt to melt, and microwaved one of those ready to steam bags of broccoli. Husband kindly chopped up the white meat of a rotisserie chicken while I wondered whether or not this was going to turn out. Because my yogurt sauce got grainy but then again not in a bad way. I probably heated it too much but I wanted the cheese to melt.

Anyway, then I mixed it all together in a bowl — the cheese sauce, chicken, broccoli, mushrooms and onions. Oh and I was salting and peppering everything like a boss — paprika was used at one point. I know that this really needs a noodle or rice or something…but we’re not eating carbs. Very sad. So into the glass baking dish it went, topped with more cheese. Baked for 20 minutes and then promptly eaten.



Fake It til You Make It

I always resented people’s assumption that because I’m an artist, I must know how to do _______. I considered myself an illustrator and little else, so when I was asked to do things like…design a business card or a logo, for example, I would bristle. That’s not what I did. That wasn’t my craft, my specialty. Nothing in color and on nothing but white paper — that was the old philosophy. And so I shied away from any project that didn’t fit that criteria, and then the assumption became that I was being modest. The truth was that I was frustrated. Afraid. I’m constantly terrified of not meeting expectations, especially my own. Unfortunately I also have a neurotic desire to be liked by everyone, so I’d eventually break down and do whatever it was they wanted.

And you know what? I really am kind of good at just about everything artsy fartsy. Really good, even. It may not come as easily as sketching Sailor Moon, but it DOES come.

I can’t say exactly when it happened, but somewhere along the way I started trusting that fact. If someone needed an artist for a project and it was something I didn’t know how to do or have never done before, I just Googled the shit out of it and practiced enough to feel confident, then I’d go out and do it (and ideally make money). It’s been working for me thus far, case in point…the door.

Practice door rummaged up by loving husband. (Plus some primer I was getting cute with as I applied.)

I was asked to paint a decorative door. After a bit of brainstorming, the client and I both decided it would be really cool to have the door look like a panel of tile in the same room.

The tile.

Even as we were talking about it I began to worry. I had a feeling Google might not have the greatest recommendations to the search query of, “how to paint a door to look like marble but not really marble more like cloudy, colored tile.” But I smiled and nodded and tried to trust that I would figure it out.

Thanks to my resourceful husband, I got a door to practice on. With the help of a coworker who worked for Sherwin Williams for years, I got some paint color suggestions to try out. And then Google scraped up a few different tutorials involving cheesecloth and feathers, so I was good to go.

Round One.

I quickly found out that cheesecloth and feathers were a waste of time and a MESS to work with. I was very pleased with this first result that ultimately came from me just manhandling my trusty paint brush. But the color was off… Very cool but not quite what I was going for. Now I was actually excited for round two, inspired by my own happy accident. The next rehearsal happened far too late in the evening and with much wine, so I have no great pictures, but it was enough to prove to myself that I (kind of) knew what I was doing. Then it was show time…


I’m pretty fucking pleased. I don’t know how much it looks like the tile, but it’s super cool anyway. And now I’m going to do all the doors in his house the same way, different colors. Then I’ll have to move on to the doors in my house because it was quick, WAY fun, unique and attractive. So the moral of the story…fake it til you make it. Then make the shit out of it!!!

Love yourself. Go buy a mattress.

Do me a favor and Google ‘sleep.’ It is the craziest, most complex research you will ever do and I would say most of us don’t know the first thing about it. Funny thing is, we all have sleep in common. In fact, sleep is absolutely vital to our survival…more so than Starbucks and cell phones. Gasp!

So there’s good sleep and bad sleep, right? Good sleep is laying down, getting comfortable, and falling asleep for about 8 hours and then waking up every 15 minutes until you’re finally sick of hitting snooze but the sleep was so, SO good and you just want more and more and oh is that just me? feeling refreshed. Bad sleep is laying down, struggling to get comfortable, waking up periodically during the night because you are sweaty or sore and then before you know it the sun is up. Who am I kidding, I don’t need to explain good and bad sleep to you – you know the difference because you do one or the other every night.

But did you know that bad sleep is (dun, dun, dun)…bad for you? It’s not just annoying or disappointing – it is literally bad for you. You recover from the previous day’s exertion during sleep, body AND mind. You detox at night. Sleep affects your memory, your energy, your appearance… It goes on and on. Seriously, Google it – you’ll learn something. And when you’re all caught up and asking yourself, “Why am I sleeping on a shitty mattress?”…then message me. Leave a comment. Ask questions.