Breast Cancer Awareness

So my employer challenged all of the employees to really pull together for our annual Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser. I’m not one to go door to door asking for help or raffle items, but I did think I could paint something for the silent auction. It will be a good way to gauge how much the art actually ends up selling for too — be it $15 or $150, we will see. I’ll try not to be too affected by a poor showing…it is a moody painting.

My major concern was that I meant to do this pretty, PG piece that would do well with the vibe that we put off for this event…and instead I got something a little bit more raw and emotional. I’m getting feedback that it is a nice change, which I can personally validate as I tend to get numb to the fervor this particular brand instigates…

I have a friend who had breast cancer at a very young age (she’s barely 30). I remember bringing the event up to her, and she was hesitant to go or even discuss too much about her story. I realized suddenly what I should have all along — that people all respond to grief and pain differently, and my friend didn’t want to “Think Pink,” nor for that whole mentality to define her. She wanted to be normal and live her life…something that I think she absolutely deserved after her battle.

I’m not saying our fundraiser or the whole awareness movement are bad things. They’re FANTASTIC things. But there is more than one point of view on this terrible disease and how to cope…and I guess I might be (accidentally) trying to seek out that minority wth my piece. We will see what the masses have to say!


Love yourself. Go buy a mattress.

Do me a favor and Google ‘sleep.’ It is the craziest, most complex research you will ever do and I would say most of us don’t know the first thing about it. Funny thing is, we all have sleep in common. In fact, sleep is absolutely vital to our survival…more so than Starbucks and cell phones. Gasp!

So there’s good sleep and bad sleep, right? Good sleep is laying down, getting comfortable, and falling asleep for about 8 hours and then waking up every 15 minutes until you’re finally sick of hitting snooze but the sleep was so, SO good and you just want more and more and oh is that just me? feeling refreshed. Bad sleep is laying down, struggling to get comfortable, waking up periodically during the night because you are sweaty or sore and then before you know it the sun is up. Who am I kidding, I don’t need to explain good and bad sleep to you – you know the difference because you do one or the other every night.

But did you know that bad sleep is (dun, dun, dun)…bad for you? It’s not just annoying or disappointing – it is literally bad for you. You recover from the previous day’s exertion during sleep, body AND mind. You detox at night. Sleep affects your memory, your energy, your appearance… It goes on and on. Seriously, Google it – you’ll learn something. And when you’re all caught up and asking yourself, “Why am I sleeping on a shitty mattress?”…then message me. Leave a comment. Ask questions.